We all could use a little help gaining biblical perspective.
This is the approach we recommend:

additional care


Express your thoughts to Him and give Him the opportunity to impress upon you the insight needed. 


spend time in God’s Word

you won’t find a better source anywhere!


Attend a Worship Service

God often reveals just what you need when people gather to worship Him.


join a small group

You weren’t created to live life alone. God speaks to us through others (and others need you too).


serve somebody

God wired us to be most fulfilled when we’re pouring-out as well as taking-in.


Need additional help? One of our pastors may be able to assist you. Send us a note (below) or call to make arrangements. Although we’re unable to make endorsements, you may find this list of outside Counselors helpful. Also, here’s a list of resources beyond our church that you may want to explore.This is the approach we recommend:

For help finding a counselor contact Jenna Moore: