Baptism Form

Baptism Registration Form

  • Please provide the signature of your parent/legal guardian below. I hereby give permission for my child to be baptized by typing my name I am giving my electronic signature.
  • I hereby give permission for images of my child and their likeness, with or without name recognition, taken by video, photography, and/or a digital camera to be copyrighted and/or used solely for the purposes of Helena First/Townsend First promotional and/or advertising material, website, and publications, whether print and/or electronic, which includes provision to include statements, such as testimonials, quotes, etc. I waive any rights of ownership or compensation thereto. This release shall remain in effect for the child listed above until that child reaches legal age or this release is rescinded by a parent or adult guardian.
  • By typing my name I am providing my electronic signature and agreeing that I have read the above and accept.
  • Please write out your personal testimony. (It won’t be judged or graded!) Some things you might want to include: 1) A bit about yourself prior to committing your life to Jesus. 2) How/when you made that commitment & who/what helped you get there? 3) How Jesus has affected your life since then? 4) What you are thankful to God for?
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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